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Anti Wrinkle Injections

Anti wrinkle injections using botulinum toxin: freshen your look!

Repeated use of your facial muscles to smile, laugh, frown, or look surprised over time causes permanent creases in the skin of the face, particularly around the eyes and in the forehead and frown area. This can create a tired and stressed appearance.

Anti wrinkle injections using botulinum toxin are one of the best known and popular anti-ageing treatments and can easily improve the look of frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead lines. Having botulinum toxin with the correct practitioner that is highly trained to help minimize the lines on your face, then you will be able to have botox without looking frozen.

In addition botulinum toxin can also be used to treat fine lines around the lips, a dimpled chin, headaches, and hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating). Lee Garrett will assess your suitability for treatment and advise you about any risks. We do not use beauty therapists or have sales consultants or any other non-medically qualified personnel to administer our wrinkle relaxing injections. We aim for a relaxed, fresh appearance; not the startled or ‘blank look’, we also offer a follow up with in a 3 week period which is free of charge.

Alternatives to Botulinum toxin

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are used to treat forehead lines that are a little deeper. These are soft gels that are injected into or under the skin. They basically work by pushing the line outwards and so help to ‘plump up’ the area where they are injected, making the skin look more even.

Nick Ferrari

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Medical grade technology and premises

Lee Garrett practices from medical premises registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in the prestigious Harley Street medical district. The clinic is continually investing in the latest equipment and technology to ensure that patients can have access to the very best. All the latest medical-grade lasers, skin machines and medical treatments are available. All medications and skincare products are stored under the recommended conditions under strict guidelines to ensure that the clinic is compliant with the highest medical standards. Our standards are audited and independently assessed by the CQC, the independent regulator of all health and social care in England.

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