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Cosmetic consultations last approximately 30 minutes, whilst the standard GP and consultation dermatologist session lasts 20 minutes.

Treament Price
Initial cosmetic consultation (in clinic) £110
Follow up cosmetic consultation (in clinic) £60


Anti wrinkle and anti sweating injections using botulinum toxin

Treament Price
3 areas £399
2 areas £360
1 area £295
Additional areas £50
Hyperhidrosis-under arm sweating £590

Dermal fillers

Hyaluronic acid fillers Restylane, Juvederm, Belotero

Treament Price
First syringe From £400
Second syringe From £200
Restylane Vital From £400
Juvéderm Vycross From £400
Radiesse volumising filler From £450
First syringe £550
Second syringe £400
Meso Therapy £190 per session 5 – 10 sessions needed


Ablative skin rejuvenation 3 days red and puffy, nonsurgical eye lift, creepy skin, sun-damaged skin. Open channel meso or medication absorption no recovery time.

Treament Price
Tixel Ablation Per Session 960.00
Tixel Open Channel Per session 468.00

Skin rejuvenation

Skin Conditioning using medical products and your own blood taken form your arm.

Treament Price
Obagi Skin Systems £550 (consultation + starter pack + free follow up)
Dermapen £390 per treatment
Vampire Face Lift (PRP) £550 per treatment

Chemical peels

Treament Price
Obagi Blue peel from £400 per peel
Obagi Radiance peel £125 per peel
Enerpeel (TCA 25, PA 50, JR, SA & MA) From £190 per peel


Treament Price
Mole mapping £350
Minor surgery from £250
Acne Treatment By Kleresca £250 Pers session (12 needed in 6 weeks)

Non-Surgical Face Lift Ultherapy Ultrasound

Face and body lifting technology that actually works and is FDA approved. Treatment sites: neck and jowls, upper eyes, lower eyes, mid face and décolletage. All treatments with Ultherapy are tailored to each individual for the maximum outcome, only one treatment is needed.

Treament Price
Upper Face: Includes lower eyes, upper eyes and crow's feet From £1265
Lower Face: Includes upper neck From £3810 or £1500 per month includes 3 transducers call for info
Neck From £2915
Full Face and Neck From £5885
Full Face From £4500
Decolletage From £1540