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Don’t take your lip plumping too far

April 4, 2017


We’ve all seen them, beautiful girls who have just gone that bit too far in their quest for luscious lips and have ended up with pumped up, rubber lips commonly known as a trout pout.

Close up of woman biting her lip with bright red lipstick

Why do they think that looks good? Why do they think it’s attractive?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons a staggering 27,400 lip implants were carried out across the pond in 2015 with even more opting for fillers. Sadly too many of these resulted in unnatural-looking results.

A subtle amount of lip filler can work wonders and give shape and definition to otherwise thin lips. Done by an expert a lip filler can also give a mouth a more youthful appearance by padding out lip lines in older ladies and men.

But what does the “perfect” pair of female lips really look like? They’re likely to be more natural-looking than you might think.

In a recent study*, where participants were shown photos with women’s overall lip sizes enlarged and reduced, researchers were able to gauge what the majority saw as the “ideal” lip surface area.

It was discovered that participants generally preferred a lower lip that was two times the size of the upper lip – whatever the size of the top lip. Model Miranda Kerr (pictured) is the perfect example.


This preference for a fuller, more natural lower lip surprised researchers, as current plastic surgery trends indicate that many women most often request a visibly fuller upper lip.

So the trick is to keep your lips in proportion the PHI proportion, whatever nature gave you, and avoid looking “over plumped” by having too much filler in the top lip.

“The thing to remember,” says Lee Garrett of The Garrett Clinic “is that a whole face has to be taken into consideration when doing any form of fillers in the lips. Attractiveness has to be looked at as a whole. Some faces naturally suit thinner lips.

“Personally I would not augment anyone’s lips with filler if I thought it would look unnatural or wouldn’t suit them.

“And it has to be said that far too many of my lip clients are seeing me for help to fix lips which have been over-filled elsewhere by inferior products.

“For the most natural looking option, opt for filler that includes hyaluronic acid as the results are reversible.

Here at The Garrett Clinic we exclusively use  three ranges of HA filler: the Juvéderm range Restylane® range, and the Belotero® range. Each of these ranges has different formulations based on the concentration and particle size of HA. The Juvéderm Vycross range being the superior dermal filler of them all. Each formulation is used in specific areas and for specific skin conditions. With such a wide range we can choose the best filler to suit your needs.

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in which Jean Haner, an expert in face reading and author of The Wisdom of Your Face. lays out what your lip shape says about you based on her studies in face reading derived from Chinese medicine.

*February 2017 study by researchers from University of California with 400 participants

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